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Convert your website to an Android app & publish on Google Play

Android Apps

Google Play charges $25 for publishing alone, but with our service you will get: an application + QR code + publishing on Google Play = for only $19.

Your website will be converted to an Android application and when it is published on Google Play the Android users will find it more interesting and will surf it with ease. It will lead to an increase in visitors and traffic, and the website itself will become much cooler.

The application is published with your chosen app name, 4 screenshots, a custom icon and a description.

— The application will look just like your website

— You will be provided with your own personal QR code

— Full technical support

Don’t accept sexually explicit, hard language, adult, gambling, donation, “make money easily”, fraud, dating, illegal, alternative app markets, stolen content, viruses or sites with such links.


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