Press Releases

Premium Press Release Submissions

– Manually submit your press release to 45 PR distribution sites

– Include submission to PRBuzz, SBWire, PR.CO and MyPRGenie, paid premium press release distribution sites that send your PR to Google News, social networks and other top news sites ($65 value)


*** This plan does not include press release writing. You need to provide it.

*** Appearance on Google News are based on Google News’ specific algorithms, terms & conditions as well as sole discretion and no specific position or inclusion at all can be guaranteed.

*** We accept adult and gambling niche, but the number of LIVE links might be lower because not all sites accept these niches. Please understand this before ordering.

Press Release Writing Guide

For the most successful press release campaigns, we recommend you focus on the following areas:

– Make sure you write a press release – not article or sales letter.

– Your headline should grab the attention of the reader while staying away from hype.

– There is no limit on the number of words in your press release, but we recommend 300-400 words.

– Press release should contain at least three descriptive paragraphs.

– Press release must be written in “third person” point of view. An example is as follows: “XYZ company will provide their customers with new service,” NOT LIKE THIS: “We will provide you with new service.” First person commentary, such as testimonials or product reviews, should only appear in quotation marks.

– Do not contain overt sales language or call-to-action like “BUY NOW”, “Request a FREE quote today”, “Don’t miss this opportunity”. Remember that the purpose of your press release is to announce your news, not sell.

– Do not contain excessive links (average 1 link per 100 words release, and should not more than 4 links). Each link can point to different pages.

– Always include an “About Us” or “Boilerplate” paragraph at the end of your press release that contains information about your website/company. The title for this paragraph should be “About <YOUR WEBSITE/COMPANY NAME> “.

To get better idea on what and how to write your press release, please see sample releases on SBWire and PRBuzz.